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Development centre of the Heart of Slovenia

Kidričeva 1, 1270 Litija, Slovenia

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Welcome to "The heart of Slovenia"!

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Team of Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia

Aleksandra Gradišek, Managing Director
Telephone: +386 1 89 62 716, e-mail:

Aleksandra Gradišek creates and realises all development visions, which are changing the quality of life in The Heart of Slovenia. The Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia was founded in 2000, based on her idea of a local progress centre. The trademark The Heart of Slovenia, which intertwines entrepreneurship with tourism and sustainable development of the environment, was established under her leadership through partner linking of municipalities. The Heart of Slovenia is an example of the great impact that interconnection and cooperation have, representing a unicum in the sense of trademark development, which includes different fields and individuals with projects, events and practices which are already established or still in progress. Based on developmental inspirations of Aleksandra Gradišek, the Rural Development Cooperative Jarina and the Development Foundation Courage were established as well. 

Ana Savšek, Deputy Director
Field of activity: Development of tourism
Telephone: +386 1 89 62 717, e-mail:

Ana Savšek has started her business life during her studies as a media analyst in the media observation and analysis company Klipling, where she was responsible for making full overviews of media appearances for individual customers. She gained her experience in the Lev Hotel in Ljubljana as well, where she learned a lot about tourism and hospitality. Ana holds a bachelor’s degree in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, and joined the team of the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia in 2008. She was attracted by the company’s responsible attitude towards society and environment. She participates in European projects and is responsible for public relations matters as well as management, development and promotion of the trademark The Heart of Slovenia. She is especially keen on participating in a creative teamwork and co-creating development stories. Her work enables her to travel across Europe, which she really enjoys, for most of her spare time is dedicated to travelling and discovering different ways of living.

Saša Ceglar Vidmar
Field of activity: Development of environment
Telephone: +386 1 89 62 715, e-mail:

Saša Ceglar has gained diverse knowledge and experience in the fields of rural development, regional development, international partnerships and project leadership over the past nine years working in the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia. She is currently working in the field of coordination of the Development Partnership of the Heart of Slovenia, integration into European partnership networks and leadership of individual projects. Modern development emphasises interconnection and cooperation among different communities, that is why supporting the cooperation of local communities in the area of The Heart of Slovenia and outwards represents a great challenge to her. Good practices, which she gets acquainted with in her work on European projects, show that it is possible as well as necessary. She has a bachelor’s degree in Geography, which is why she likes going away on business or private trips. Saša believes in the power of teamwork, from which new ideas emerge. She is also a mother of two boys, who occupy most of her free time.

Irena Tonin
Field of activity: Development of entrepreneurship, craftsmenship
Telephone: +386 1 89 62 710, e-mail:

For the past 20 years Irena Tonin has been dedicating her time to entrepreneurial topics and entrepreneurs. After the first few years of enhancing her accounting skills she focused on management, consulting and entrepreneurship support at local level. Owing to her banking experiences, she is adept at recognising the financial needs of entrepreneurs and companies. She now intertwines her professionalism acquired at local level with entrepreneurship development in the Heart of Slovenia and believes in creating new opportunities which arise through entrepreneurial connections across the local borders and cooperation between different fields. Her entrepreneurial professionalism is complemented with surprisingly different skills: as a connoisseur and enthusiast of handicraft, she has lately been trying her hand at the pottery wheel. She gets energy for work and creating her own clay products by cycling and mountaineering.

Anita Molka
Field of activity: Development of entrepreneurship
Telephone: +386 1 89 62 717, e-mail:

Anita Molka has a university degree in Sociology – she is a human resources manager with working experience in business and project consulting. Her past experiences include managing tender applications for the acquisition of grants from EU funds for companies, organisations and municipalities and drafting business plans and marketing strategies. She is a co-author of the manual “All you need to know about employment”. Anita joined the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia at the beginning of 2014 and is in charge of the entrepreneurship development, administrational and financial management of EU projects and VEM consulting, as well as the registration for sole traders and companies with limited liability. Anita likes to spend her leisure time actively. She is a mother of two sons and a sportswoman by heart. She finds her peace in the mountains.

Mitja Bratun
Field of activity: Development of environment
Telephone: +386 1 89 62 713, e-mail:

Mitja Bratun has been working in the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia for more than seven years. So far, he has gained knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, local community development and rural development. He is currently working in the field of rural development and managing Local Action Group The Heart of Slovenia, which presents an opportunity for the project holders from the local environment to obtain funds from the European Union. He is responsible for the implementation of development projects for the municipality of Dol pri Ljubljani and is a qualified VEM point clerk. Mitja is peaceful, persistent and down to earth. He loves spending time with his family and friends. He also likes hiking, playing football and cycling.

Janja Obermajer
Field of activity: Development of entrepreneurship
Telephone: +386 1 89 62 714, e-mail:

Janja Obermajer holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and has substantial experience in the fields of finance, sales department, international business management, introducing ISO standards and company management. She works in the field of accounting and entrepreneurial consulting as a VEM conslultant. She gladly passes the acquired knowledge and experiences from business management on to future entrepreneurs, as well as into new working environment. She enjoys spending her leisure time in nature, especially in the fresh mountain air.

Suzana Medved
Field of activity: Development of entrepreneurship
Telephone: +386 1 89 62 714, e-mail:

Suzana Medved is an organising manager by profession, that is why she takes great pleasure working in the field of entrepreneurship. As a VEM consultant she implements registrations for independent contractors and companies with limited liability. At “one stop shop” entry points entrepreneurs get all the information they need for entering the world of entrepreneurship. Nowadays it is especially important that services are at hand for entrepreneurs, since they create added value in the environment, spread society’s welfare and create new jobs with their activities. In addition to entrepreneurial consulting, Suzana is responsible for accounting management. She spends her leisure time with her family.

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