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YOUNG SMEs - Sharing Interregional Knowledge to define supporting programmes for Young SMEs

Project duration / Year of implementation: 1. 1. 2012 - 31. 12. 2014
Lead partner: INCYDE - Institute for the Creation and Development of the Enterprise, Spain
Partner countries: Spain, Ireland, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Greece, Malta

Young enterprises do not need support only at their establishment, but also during the stages of development and growth. Partners who cooperated in the YOUNG SME’s project have come to a common conclusion that Europe does not offer advanced support environment to the newly founded or young enterprises after their three years of operation.

Since Slovenia is facing a similar situation, we have decided to take part in the YOUNG SME’s project, which wass intended to develop measures in order to enhance the support environment of small and middle-sized enterprises between their third and fifth operating year.

The Slovenian national institutions which are involved in the development and support of young enterprises were incorporated in this project. The project presented an opportunity to improve consultancy services of VEM points and thus also the support environment of our enterprises. Education courses for entrepreneurial consultants were carried out at seminars abroad and two selected examples of good practice were implemented.

Key results of the project:
  • A good practice catalogue of the support environment for enterprises between their third and fifth operating year
  • Transfer of two good practice examples into the services of the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia
  • Knowledge transfer as well as knowledge and competency enhancement of the centre's entrepreneurial consultants
  • Participation of entrepreneurial consultants in 5 theme-based seminars
  • Participation of entrepreneurial consultants in 3 innovation seminars
  • Organisation of a regional entrepreneurial event

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