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One Stop Shops for entrepreneurs 2016 and 2017

One Stop Shop Litija
Jerebova 14
1270 Litija
T: +386 1 896 27 14

One Stop Shops Services:

Informing all target groups (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises):
  • Gaining key information at local and regional level, useful for customers of all target groups in the main business areas of the companies and entrepreneurs;
  • Regular dissemination of information packages (e-bulletin "Moj spletni priročnik" and other information packages) to the users with the use of different tools (e-mail, mail);
  • Providing the answers to users’ specific questions (e-mail and personal contacts) in relation to the content of information packages;
  • Implementation of information/promotional workshops for all customers target groups in cooperation with them, the Slovenian Enterprise Fund and the Slovenian Ministry of Economy, where the main support instruments shall be presented;Implementation of activities to gain new users of support services and raise the entrepreneurial culture in the local area.
Basic Consulting:
Implementation of basic consulting services in relation to the launch, operation and development of the companies, and basic consultancy for potential entrepreneurs.

Implementation of Registration Procedures:
  • Implementation of registration and procedures of status changes via e-VEM registration point with the use of e-VEM application (registration and status changes of IC and LLC);
  • Implementation of basic consulting on the registration procedure and users’ status changes;
  • Measuring satisfaction and opinions of the e-VEM service users;
  • Keeping a record of administrative obstacles of companies’ operation.
Other Activities:
  • Creating and arranging the database of the support services users

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