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Gardens of the Heart of Slovenia

Location: Osredke, Dol pri Ljubljani

Plot rental:
Marko Vode, project initiator, plot owner
E-mail:, telephone: 041 621 700

Growing local vegetables is a popular tradition of Slovenian gardeners – it is a hobby, recreation and a source of basic food to many of them. Over the last four years, there has been a trend of collective gardens where people who do not have their own gardens can grow vegetables.

The entrepreneur Marko Vode from Osredke near Dol pri Ljubljani decided to rent out his field to families and individuals for them to grow crops there as well as socialise and connect with other people. The Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia supported his initiative and offered him professional help. Sustainable food self-sufficiency of Slovenia is one of our primary interests as the country has enough natural resources to grow vegetables and fruit for its own use.

Enough space for gardens is still available in Osredke for those who wish to grow vegetables. Come and join them!

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