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Project duration: 1. 3. 2016 – 31. 7. 2017
Programme: COSME
Lead partner: Razvojni center Srca Slovenije
Partner countries: Italy, Avstria, Croatia

Project describtion: 
The project EDEN55plusNW aims to upgrade the excellent networking concept of small, diverse, rural EDEN destinations in EU countries. All analysed EDEN destinations wish to extend the short tourism season. Our fundamental argument is that tourism providers in EDEN destinations are paying too little attention to the target group of seniors aged 55+.

The tourism product Transnational Mobility Model for Seniors in Pilot EDEN Destinations (TPTMMSE) with the slogan “Slow down to feel the life in EDEN destinations” connects four neighbouring countries and five pilot EDEN destinations in Austria, Slovenia and Croatia and will develop four cross-border tourism products which will be tested by two groups of seniors from Italy.

The model and tourism products will be transferable to any other EDEN destination. The established network of SMEs and ITAs/TICs will extend outside the project area. This will, in the medium term, lead to a high-quality, specialized, sustainable, in-depth and custom-developed supply and marketing-targeted solicitation of seniors aged 55+ in EDEN destinations, the extension of the EDEN destination season all year round, the growth of specialized jobs and satisfied SMEs representatives and tourists.

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Additional information: Saša Ceglar Vidmar


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