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Development Foundation Courage

The Courage Development Foundation, which was established by the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia in 2009, is intended to collect resources for the implementation of children’s programmes and the strengthening of humanitarian activities. These programmes and activities present an additional piece in the mosaic of the development of environment’s potentials and the people living in it.

The team of the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia believes that development depends on the youth and realising their potentials. The project which has grown into an establishment of the Courage Development Foundation was at first intended mainly for the support of talented children. Due to the lack of programmes for them, workshops for talented children were implemented in Polšnik in October 2009 by the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia in cooperation with primary schools from Šmartno and Litija.
The establishment of the foundation expands opportunities as well as promotes social responsibility of the companies which can, in cooperation with the foundation, help discover and develop talents of youth in the broader area. Projects and support of the foundation will remain directed to the strengthening of the creative spirit of the young who live in the Heart of Slovenia.
  • To develop trust and hope in the local community
  • To establish independence and responsibility in youth
  • To establish self-esteem and respect for young talents
  • To develop and promote social entrepreneurship among young people

VISION: "With courage and heartiness of the young towards a sustainable development."

  • Inclusion
  • Wisdom
  • Responsibility
  • Creativity
Additional information: Aleksandra Gradišek

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