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What is Local action group »The Heart of Slovenia«?

Local action group LAS »The Heart of Slovenia« is an association of representatives of public institutions (public sector), economy (economic sector) and civil society (private sector).

LAS, under the leadership of the manager, prepared and adopted its own development strategy for the period 2007-2015. The key guidance at execution of development strategy is the common development vision of the area which arises from characteristics and needs, as well as opportunities of the area:

»To provide, by innovative approaches in using the existing potentials, vitality of countryside within the area of »The Heart of Slovenia« and its sustainable growth«.

The task of the LAS is to provide for the execution of its local development strategy and to adopt decisions about management of funds from the LEADER programme for the development of the countryside.

Which area does the LAS »The Heart of Slovenia« include?

LAS »The Heart of Slovenia« involves the communes Dol pri Ljubljani, Kamnik, Litija, Lukovica, Moravče and Šmartno pri Litiji. From the present quoted communes is excepted the town of Kamnik which doesn't have the
status of countryside settlement as it has more than 10.000 inhabitants. We expect that the area of LAS will expand in the future years.

LAS »The Heart of Slovenia« is situated in the northeastern part of the Central-Slovene region comprising the area of 751 km2, representing thus 3,6 % of the surface of Slovenia. On the area there are 60.077 inhabitants, the population density is 80 inhabitants per square kilometre (RS the 30th of June 2010).

Who represents and decides in LAS »The Heart of Slovenia«?

The local action group LAS »The Heart of Slovenia« acts on several levels:
  • The LAS Assembly is composed of 30 members representing common interests of the area LAS »The Heart of Slovenia«. These partners were of key importance at signing the consortium contract at foundation. Among the partners there are 5 representatives of communes and 8 representatives of other public institutions, 8 representatives of societies and 9 representatives of the private sector. The group represents the top body of decision making, directs and leads the execution of LEADER approach in the countryside of »The Heart of Slovenia«. They meet twice a year on different locations of the LAS area.
  • Development council represents the body of decision making. It is a group of 10 members from the Assembly LAS, deciding on key matters in connection with LAS operation. They were appointed to assure wide knowledges and different experiences, efficient geographic representation on the LAS area, as well as assuring the balance between public, economic and private sector. The Development council elected the president and his deputy – Mr. Alojz Kolar from Kamnik and Mr. Željko Savič from Dol pri Ljubljani. The members of the Development council meet twice to three times yearly and always, respectively, when the need arises.
  • Supervisory council represents with 3 members the body of supervision and control. respectively, of the LAS operation.
  • LAS Manager is Centre for Development Litija which is administrative manager and legal representative. Its project bureau cares for the technical support to the LAS »The Heart of Slovenia« operation. It participated at preparation of local development strategy and takes care of its execution, collects project ideas, prepares and leads projects performing supervision over their execution and funding, prepares promotion material, implements information and animation of inhabitants and other subjects, executes education and trainings, prepares reports and reports to LEADER office, runs the archives for LAS and carries out other tasks in accordance with the conclusions of the Assembly and Development council of LAS. The manager also assures financial service for LAS »The Heart of Slovenia«.

What are the basic tasks of LAS »The Heart of Slovenia«?
  • Merging various organisations and individuals, having the interest to develop the countryside on the LAS area.
  • Supporting and promoting the access from down upwards, including people from individual local environments into planning, decision making process and implementation of the LAS area development which enables the insight into the concrete wishes of the area.
  • Developing cooperation and common activity with other local action groups in Slovenia, cooperating in future with LAS from abroad.
  • Initiating and supporting cooperation and exchange of ideas on regional, national and European level.
  • Creating, by means of decision making bodies, the basis of assessment and selection of projects which are financed from the LEADER resources.
  • Raising awareness and information flow among the local population about the possibility of using European funds.

Where does LAS »The Heart of Slovenia« acquire financial resources?

The money comes from the European Union via Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food (MKGP). The condition for using these funds is the acknowledged status of the operating LAS. The LEADER funds for managing LAS and execution of projects are calculated according to special formula of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food which bases on the size of the area and number of inhabitants of individual LAS, on the index of development threat, as well as on the assessment of local development strategy. LAS must also assure its own resources which are provided by the included communes on the area of LAS »The Heart of Slovenia« (Dol pri Ljubljani, Kamnik, Litija, Lukovica in Šmartno pri Litiji). We expect that the funds of LEADER and local co-financing for the LAS area will amount to 1,7 mio EUR of development resources by the year 2013.

Who is entitled to LEADER resources and how the allocation is run?

LAS »The Heart of Slovenia« allocates the resources further on the basis of public calls announced on its website, on websites of the connected communes and various local media. Public calls can be applied by physical (individuals) and legal entities (companies, societies, institutions…) with the exception of local communities.

It is important that the entered projects are financially and professionally well designed. They have to contribute by their effects to higher life quality in the countryside of LAS »The Heart of Slovenia« and follow the strategy of LAS »The Heart of Slovenia«. Before the application it is recommended to consult the project bureau. Applicants get the reimbursed invested funds after successfully carried out project and in case, respectively, of more phases after the filed requirements for individual phases. So far there have been implemented 45 projects mainly of minor nature, however, they efficiently contribute to a higher level of life quality in the area.

What projects are supported by LAS » The Heart of Slovenia«?

It is expected that projects comply with the topics, goals and priorities being laid down in the announcement documentation and following the development strategy of LAS »The Heart of Slovenia«. Due to limited resources of LAS, those projects have priority which are outstanding in a way, which are innovative, linking different partners, which are economical, having sustainable impact on the area of »The Heart of Slovenia«. All applications are checked by the panel on the basis of the set criteria.

Projects have to follow the priority tasks of LAS:
  • Increasing of the added value and quality at growing and processing, as well as marketing of local agricultural products
  • Initiating of environment - friendly farming
  • Improving employment possibilities in the countryside
  • Improving the life quality in the countryside
  • Animating and training of country people
  • Networking and connecting for innovative iniciatives

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