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Ecological Collection and Distribution Centre for Vegetables - Healthy Life

Holder: Ecological Farmers Association – Healthy Lifestyle

Project contents: In developed markets, a model of partnership farming is a regular practice of co-existence between a farmer and local customers who buy food grown on the farmer’s land. In Slovenia, the approach brought by the Collection Centre project is a novelty as the partnership farming is breaking new ground. The implementation of the project will set an example of good practice in the Heart of Slovenia for the transfer of the new approach to other areas of Slovenia. Within the framework of the project, animation workshops for the production of ecological vegetables will be conducted by the Ecological Farmers Association. Professional education for growers will be carried out as well as a presentation of good practice. The Ecological Farmers Association will present itself at the Nature and Health Fair and also create a brochure with the presentation of the centre. With the help of the project, the applicants will set up the collection and distribution centre for ecological products (construction work, purchase of equipment). A website which will inform about the centre’s activities and included farms will be created as well.

Project duration: September 2011 - November 2013

Total value of the project: 29.764,60 EUR
LEADER resources: 12.621,50 EUR
LAS resources: 8.835,05 EUR
Private resources of the rightful claimant: 8.308,05 EUR

Contact person: Janez Ocepek

Produkcija: Peternet