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Entrepreneurship in the Heart

Holder: Public Institute of Culture, Youth and Sport of Litija

Project contents: The project entitled “Entrepreneurship in the Heart” was intended for a broad target audience interested pursuing an autonomous entrepreneurial path. First candidates were chosen and divided into two groups in Litija and Kamnik, then they were given a series of lectures and education courses for the acquisition of theoretical knowledge in order to be able to set up and successfully manage a company. With the help of mentors, expert associates and lecturers, the participants developed their own entrepreneurial ideas. 6 public round table discussions with guests were organised, where 6 entrepreneurial ideas evolved. Out of 15 individuals who successfully finished the training, 4 decided to pursue an autonomous entrepreneurial path. The project was promoted through a brochure and Facebook profile.

Partner: Kotlovnica Youth Centre, Kamnik

Project duration:
September 2012–August 2013

Total project duration:
30,005.00 EUR (VAT included)
LEADER funds: 22,753.65 EUR

Contact person:
Kristjan Adamlje

Produkcija: Peternet