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Establishing local tourist information centres in the countryside of the Heart of Slovenia

Holder: Institute of Tourism and Sports in the Kamnik Municipality

Project contents: The project is intended for connecting local tourist points in the Kamnik area of the Heart of Slovenia. With the help of project activities, contents of individual local tourist spots in the Kamnik Municipality, e.g. in Kamniška Bistrica, on the Gora Sveti Miklavž hill, in Motnik and at the Budnar Homestead. Conditions for a more varied offer for visitors will be met at individual points. The purchase of photocell for the log cabin, bicycle stands, computers and programme equipment, shop counters, display cases for souvenirs and information boards will be co-financed through the project. 10 informers for guiding in the Kamnik Municipality will be trained through workshops and study guides. Project activities will be published in Tuhinjski glas and other local media.


Sports, Tourism and Cultural Society of Brezje nad Kamnikom, Stahovica
Tourism Society of Gora Sv. Miklavž, Laze v Tuhinju
Tourism Society of Kamniška Bistrica, Stahovica
Kamn’k Tourism Society, Kamnik
Tourism Society of Tuhinjska dolina, Laze v Tuhinju

Project duration: September 2012–January 2015

Total project value: 35,146.00 EUR (VAT included)

LEADER funds: 24,895.09 EUR

Contact person:
Alenka Hribar

Produkcija: Peternet