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Developing Fishing Tourism

Holder: Institute for Managing Endangered Species

Project contents: The Institute for Managing Endangered Species aims to animate the local residents and raise awareness about the potentials that fishing has for the development of tourism in the municipalities of the Heart of Slovenia. By publishing the book about fish population and fishing in the area of the Sava River and its affluents from the confluence with the Kamniška Bistrica River and the Ljubljanica River to the bridge in Litija, individual fish species will be presented, as well as the situation of fishing tourism and suggestions for further development of this region. As a result of connecting tourism offer with fishing, three new tourism programmes will be developed, which will be intended for individual fishermen as well as for groups. Workshops for a broader public and pupils will be organised in order to raise awareness of fishing and fishing tourism.

Project duration: October 2012 – January 2014

Total project duration: 25,307.60 EUR
LEADER funds: 20,015.80 EUR

Contact person: Aleš Snoj

Produkcija: Peternet