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Active and adventure tourism in the Heart of Slovenia

Holder: Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia

Project contents: Within the framework of the project, the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia will interconnect five tourism providers from the Heart of Slovenia area and implement joint promotional events with the themes of active and adventure tourism. Promotional material will be created and published in the media. The improvement of tourism products (cycling, caravanning and special ways of accommodation) will contribute to a broader recognisability of the Heart of Slovenia and involvement of the locals as well as foreign guests in the aforementioned activities. With active operation of two tourism information centres, i.e. in Litija and Terme Snovik, further development and interconnecting of tourism providers of the Heart of Slovenia will be ensured. At the same time these two tourist points will present a beginning of a future network of tourism information centres of the Heart of Slovenia. In Lukovica a straw hat making collection will be reopened, and multi-day workshops will be carried out in the Bogenšperk Castle within the theme-based event “Valvasor’s graphic days”, as well as an exhibition with visiting artists.

Project partners:
Javni zavod Bogenšperk, Šmartno pri Litiji
KUD Fran Maselj Podlimbarski, Lukovica
Terme Snovik - Kamnik, d. o. o., Kamnik
Linija Sport, Miloš Kimovec s. p., Vače

Project duration: September 2013 – November 2014

Total project value:
89,441.40 EUR
LEADER funds:  69,802.34 EUR (VAT included)
Contact person: Mojca Hauptman

Produkcija: Peternet