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Development of innovativeness among generations in the countryside by involving fragile groups

Holder: Oreli – Institute for social support, consulting, research and education of the elderly, people with special needs, youth and other groups of people

Project contents:
The project is oriented in the development of innovativeness and ideas for providing new opportunities. 40 participants, of which 30 participants from fragile groups, will be involved in an innovative cycle of education courses, workshops, mentoring, spreading of social networks and increasing opportunities for self-employment. 16 outlines of entrepreneurial ideas will be created, of which 4 will be transformed into a business plan. The advantage of such entrepreneurial ideas is that they will be developed based on participants’ interests and mentors’ exchange of knowledge. The ORELI Institute will promote the project in the media: news conferences, media releases, digital library.

Project duration: September 2013 - August 2014

Total project value: 19,595.00 EUR (VAT included)
LEADER funds: 10,258.03 EUR (VAT included)

Contact person: Martina Ozimek

Produkcija: Peternet