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Delicacies from the Heart

Holder: Society of Rural Housewives, Polšnik

Project contentsr:
With the project Delicacies from the Heart the holders aim to create conditions and offer a support environment for the development of activities which would give women in the countryside additional income or potential employment. Within the framework of the project facilities for the preparation of food, pastry and other products will be established, which will serve for further selling of products and the implementation of cookery courses and workshops. A suitable packaging with an integral image will be selected and new sales paths will be defined. Pastry classes for the youth will be organised in order to exchange knowledge between generations, a tour around food-making facilities will be given as a good practice example, and a brochure with selected recipes will be published.

Project partners:
LAZ Rural Development Society
Project duration: September 2013 – August 2014

Total project value: 8,931.84 EUR (VAT included)

LAG resources: 7,105.74 EUR (VAT included)

Contact person: Marinka Bevc

Produkcija: Peternet