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Promotion and marketing support of local products in the area of "The Heart of Slovenia"

Developer: Jarina, co-operative for development of the countryside z.o.o.

About the project: 
Local self-provision with own produced food has a great importance for improving the quality life in the area of »The Heart of Slovenia«. The need for more intensive self-provision with locally produced food has occured due to high number of newly arisen settlements, rather dispersed settling and fast way of life. In the area of communes covered by »The Heart of Slovenia« there are many smaller farms, production is too small and too expensive, consequently competitiveness smaller.

The Jarina co-operative project included analysis of surpluses on farms in the area of »The Heart of Slovenia« and analysis of potential buyers (kindergardens, schools, hospitality, specialised shops etc.) of local food in the nearest neighbourhood. On the basis of the analysis of the existing state market, strategy has been elaborated in which new selling channels are presented for the network of producers in the area of »The Heart of Slovenia«. By means of the project, approved by LAS »The Heart of Slovenia«, new chances and market ways for self-provision of the countryside of »The Heart of Slovenia« have started to open.

Period of project duration:
February 2009 – December 2009

Total value of project:
24.800,00 EUR
Funds LEADER: 9.330,80 EUR
Funds LAS: 13.766,68 EUR

Contact person: Nataša Smrekar

Produkcija: Peternet