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Connecting into Local Self-Sufficiency Network in "The Heart of Slovenia"

Developer: Jarina, Rural Development Cooperative z. o. o.

About the project: 

In 2009, Jarina via LAG "The Heart of Slovenia" implemented the project which supports promotion of local self-sufficiency in which it checked the offer and needs of the area of the Heart of Slovenia defining the new market channels in its market strategy. On the basis of these first important steps toward organised food self-sufficiency of the Heart of Slovenia, Jarina upgraded the project in 2010 by implementing the defined marketing programme.

Cooperation with 31 public institutions was established, which have now been regularly buying food from local producers from the area of  the Heart of Slovenia. Cooperation is also run with one of the inns and chain of restaurants in Slovenia. Jarina, by means of rented vehicle, organised common transport of products from farmers to end buyers. Two workshops were organised for farmers about higher yield, as well as promotion activities on the fairs "Nature and Health" in Ljubljana and "Agriculture and Food Fair" in Gornja Radgona and also presentations at schools in the Heart of Slovenia, implementation of ecologic days programmes on the farms in the Heart of Slovenia.

The period of project duration: January 2010 – January 2011

Total value of project: 32.855,00 EUR
Funds LEADER: 12.000,00 EUR
Funds LAS: 9.000,00 EUR

Contact person: Nataša Smrekar

Produkcija: Peternet