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Life-Long Learning for Life

Holder: Intermunicipal Society of the Disabled of Litija and ©martno pri Litiji

Project contents: The project entitled “Life-Long Learning for Life” is a novelty in the area LAG The Heart of Slovenia. By implementing diverse educational workshops and connecting local ...

Content Development and Equipment of Vega’s Trail

Holder: Dolsko Tourism Society

Project contents: Vega’s Trail is a theme-based trail in the municipality of Dol pri Ljubljani, which was established in order to promote the life of Jurij Vega. With the implementation of the LAG project, the existing hiking trail was improved and ...


Abraham’s Key of the Heart of Slovenia – Experience of a Connected Village for Slovenia’s Future

Holder: Pol¹nik Tourism Society

Project contents: Abraham’s Key is a unique project which was formed in 2009 in the Heart of Slovenia. A concept of common 50th birthday celebration with an emphasis on charity evolved from the idea of Jo¾e Kos from Pol¹nik and was carried out in ...

Expanding the Network of Local Products in the Area of LAG "The Heart of Slovenia"

Holder: Rural Development Cooperative Jarina z. o. o.

Project contents: Over the past few years, the cooperative Jarina has established itself as a coordinator of the network for local food self-sufficiency in the Heart of Slovenia as well as at a wider national level. With the ...

Active Break and New Adventures along Old Footpaths of the Green Valley Tuhinjska Dolina

Holder: Tourism Society of Tuhinjska Dolina

Project contents: The Tourism Society of Tuhinjska Dolina was successful with the project Old Footpaths in the Tuhinjska dolina valley on the tender LAG The Heart of Slovenia in 2009. They continued their activities with the project called ...

Ecological Collection and Distribution Centre for Vegetables - Healthy Life

Holder: Ecological Farmers Association – Healthy Lifestyle

Project contents: In developed markets, a model of partnership farming is a regular practice of co-existence between a farmer and local customers who buy food grown on the farmer’s land. In Slovenia, the approach ...

Development and Promotion of the Trademark "The Heart of Slovenia"

Holder: Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia

Project contents: Caravanning represents a new tourism product for the Heart of Slovenia area, at the same time it is a novelty in the Slovenian tourism. With the help of the project "Development and Promotion of the Trademark ...

Building of the Southern Part of the Javor Energetic Trail

Holder: Javor Sports Society – Section of Healthy Lifestyle and Personal Growth

Project contents: The Javor energetic trail, whose initiator is the Javor Sports Society, is located in Javorje (in the Municipality of ©martno pri Litiji). It includes six energetic points in the ...

Development Village Velika Preska

Holder: External Arrangement Centre

Project contents: By connecting different experts, the project "Development Village Velika Preska" planned to motivate, animate and inform the villagers of Velika Preska as well as the broader area about the opportunities of development ...

Adventure Park GEOSS

Holder: Linija sport, Milo¹ Kimovec

Project contents: The GEOSS Adventure Park is located in the village Slivna. Its construction was entirely supported by LAG The Heart of Slovenia. With its location in the vicinity of the geometric centre of Slovenia as well as with a new form of ...

The Magic of Village Art

Holder: Barbara Vrtačnik

Project contents: With the geometric centre of Slovenia, antique tool museum, adventure park, catering offer and other sights, the village Vače represents a popular hiking destination in the Heart of Slovenia. However, there is a poor offer of souvenirs for ...

Improving Tourism Offer with Alpine Village, Climbing Area, and Arrangement of the Waste Water Treatment Plant

Holder: Mladinski Inkubator Institute

Project contents: The Alps camp is located in the nature in the vicinity of the settlement Kamni¹ka Bistrica and gondola to the Velika Planina pasture. The Mladinski Inkubator Institute, which is the holder of the activity of the camp, expanded ...

Open Educational Environment in the Forest

Holder: Courage Development Foundation

Project contents: Open educational environment in the forest represents a new approach in preschool and school pedagogics which is based on experiential learning. Within the framework of the project, numerous workshops for children and teachers ...

Marking the Viticultural Areas – Viticultural Paths, Society’s Brochure, and Society’s Flag

Holder of the project: "©TUC" ©martno Viticultural Society

Project contents: The "©TUC" ©martno Viticultural Society operates in the viticultural area of the first hills of Dolenjska in the municipalities of ©martno pri Litiji and Litija. With the project LAG, the ...

Charcoal Production in the Charcoal Land

Holder: Miroslav Brinovec

Project contents: Charcoal production in Dole pri Litiji is one of the most important elements of intangible or living cultural heritage in the Heart of Slovenia. 20 charcoal burners are still active in the Charcoal Land; however, the Brinovec homestead also ...

Pot from the Black Kitchen

Holder: Kamnik Tourism Society

Project contents: The Budnar homestead is one of the important spots in the Heart of Slovenia. The Kamnik Tourism Society implements various workshops and other events suitable for external visitors on the homestead, and thus contributes to the ...

Co-Financing the Purchase of Men’s Clothing of the MPZ KD Janko Kersnik at the 50th Anniversary of its Operation

Holder: Men’s Choir of the Cultural Society Janko Kersnik

Project contents: The Men’s Choir of the Cultural Society Janko Kersnik is one of the best choirs of the municipality Lukovica; it is well known in the broader social environment as well. With the purchase of ...

EU Expand 2011

Holder: VD Florist’s, Autmobilism, Tourism, Shop

Project contents: Live water is one of the first products of the Heart of Slovenia which was created by connecting the local entrepreneurial initiative with the trademark The Heart of Slovenia. With the help of the project EU ...

Arrangement of Children's Playground in Cerovica

Developer: Dolina Sport Society

About the project: 
The village Cerovica in the commune ©martno near Litija is elongated along the road through Jablanica valley. Children go to school to ©martno and they spend their spare time near their homes which is many times very ...


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